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Kindergarten Readiness

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Our St. Louis city-county wide Early Educators Appreciation Event came back with a roar honoring 200 early educators on April 29, 2023 at Nine PBS with a champagne brunch and awards ceremony.  Thirty-six phenomenal educators were nominated and five were recognized as outstanding.


Ms. Tiffany Hardwick - 2023 Early Educator of Excellence

Ms. Adrienne Pennington - 2023 Early Childhood Director Above & Beyond

Ms. Meg Kostecki – 2023 Home Visitor of the Year

Mr. Earl Green - 2023 Early Literacy Champion

Ms. LaDonna Smith - 2023 Early Childhood Education Champion


            A 2024 Early Educators Appreciation is currently being planned.  Sign up here to receive the 2024 Early Educators Appreciation Event Nomination form that will be distributed in November 2023.

Kindergarten Readiness Work Team Report

It Takes A Village:  Successfully Transitioning Students from Pre-k to Kindergarten - A St. Louis Perspective in our Promise Zone School Districts Summer 2022

Work Team Partners


Book For Newborns

Generate Health

LUME Institute

McDonnell Foundation

Parents as Teachers National Center

Ready Readers

S.T.A.R. Coaching

St. Louis County Library

The Little Bit Foundation

United 4 Children

Urban Sprouts

YouthBridge Community Foundation

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